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The Full Story


Here are the some designs that I do for architecture outside of school -sometimes for offices where I work as a volunteer intern, sometimes as a freelancer-

Teknopark Sustainable Office Area

Ankara Teknopark sustainable office spaces design project made for exhibition at the climate fair.

Office Design

This design is a small cozy office space and little living area design that belongs to me.


Villa Project

This project is a villa project in Arnavutköy. All plans and design decisions belong to me.

Private Villa Project

This project is a private villa. In accordance with the demand, the American suburban style has been adopted. I just drew a plan of the house and modeled it.


Renovation Project Presentation

This project is a renovation project of an inn in the grand bazaar. I have prepared a presentation of this project. I just prepared the customer presentation.


Customer Presentation

This project is a customer presentation. I made the presentation of the drawing.

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