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It is a temporary accommodation area for people who have housing problems in and around Karakoy in exchange for their assistance.

Homeless people get temporary housing when they distribute food and clean up for other homeless people in a social house.

Due to its lively location, it is quite easy to reach both individuals and various centers. The fact that it is located on one of the most beautiful streets of Karakoy provides awareness.


Band course are used to hide floor traces or decorate the facade. It is possible to see this detail in most of the houses on the street and the surrounding area. In this project, this detail is used in open and closed console parts.

  It has a separate dining area from the housing area, bathroom and toilet areas for the people who are sheltering, as well as glass spaces and open corridors so that they can get more light and take advantage of the view.  Space has been created in the hallway for the tree that runs through the center of the building.

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